Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Exam, Work, Pictures

Last night Amy and I had our medical exams for life insurance. I sure hope we are healthy enough to get a preferred health rating, which will allow us to get more coverage for our money. Right before the exam, I went out to grab some KFC and put gas in the car. Of course, we had to leave the KFC on the counter until after they took blood, what fun. Alex got to eat outside, he ate pretty well. He was hungry though, he isn’t used to waiting until around seven o’clock to eat dinner.

The rest of the week will be busy for me with work. The e-mail, among other things, migration is occurring this weekend. There have been a lot of delays, everything from the server operating system build, to the storage area network configuration, all of which are out of our control. I have tested as much as I can for now, but I still need to configure the storage group, test the snapshot restores, and most difficultly, test the restore from tape. I also hope the server makes it into a rack sometime soon, I’d rather not have live users on a server that is sitting on a table.

In other news, Amy has sent our digital pictures to get developed into real pictures, all two hundred seventy-one of them. The cost was a little more than I expected, about seventy-five dollars after shipping. That is only about twenty-seven cents per picture. Amy calculated that it would cost about twice as much to buy film and get it developed, but of course, we were able to leave some digital pictures out, ones that were taken that make no sense, or were for a specific purpose to show somebody something like my iced up air conditioner unit, no need to get that printed out. That is almost two years worth of pictures. I think we should do it every six months or so, less sticker shock that way.


Anonymous said...

It is 274 pictures, not 271. And you never had me add in one major cost..having the film pictures on cd, something we don't have to do with the digital camera. Sure, you can scan pics, but who wants to scan 274 pics? -Amy.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about purchasing a photo printer. Sure the intial expense is still there and you have to purchase ink and photo paper but in the long run it is much cheaper. Besides that way you get the exact size that you want and as many copies of each picture that you want.