Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hurricane Frances

Well, another hurricane is on its way to Florida. It is times like this when I’m glad I don’t live in the sunshine state. In general though, I would probably choose to live there if I didn’t have other reasons for staying in Maryland. Hurricane Andrew, the most damaging storm only, shares a name with my son. Let’s hope that Frances doesn’t do quite that much damage. If the hurricane makes a turn to the north, it could be a lot worse for the Maryland area. I have a feeling that Monday and Tuesday will be kind of busy around the office, this business is very sensitive to weather.

I’m going to be busy tonight and this weekend, I am totally re-designing the routing group connectors in this Exchange organization. Since so many different people worked on the routing groups and connectors before me, they are all a little different. This change will make it all consistent and put us in a good position for opening up our new downtown Baltimore data center as a redundant mail routing location. It also gets things ready for or Exchange 2003 deployment.

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