Saturday, September 11, 2004

Finished the mail migration

It seemed to take forever, but the mail migration I have been working on is complete. I sure hope that I don’t get any follow up tasks; that would mean that I did a good job. I probably will though, there were so many unknowns in this project, it is hard for me to believe that I guessed everything right.

Andrew is going to get to go swimming tomorrow. He is spending the night with my mom and will spend tomorrow with her until five o’clock when he goes back to his mother’s house. The thought crossed my mind when I remembered the last time Andrew was with my mother, he was just being taken home, and he cried when he got there because he thought he was going to get to spend time with her. Since I was going to be beat this weekend from the all night and all day work, preceded by several late nights during the week. I’m sure Andrew will have a lot of fun.

We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight after learning that Outback had a ninety minute wait. What I got wasn’t very good, well, except for the snow crab legs on the side. I should have just gotten the platter of snow and king crab legs. The kids weren’t very good, they didn’t eat very well, and didn’t sit still. Good news, my entrée was taken off the check!

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