Thursday, September 16, 2004

On call & Stuff

The way they do on call where I work is new to me. Basically, the on call person is assigned all of the trouble tickets 24 hours a day. It makes for a very busy week at the office. It is kind of tiring, especially after working a 74 hour week last week.

My sister is a home owner. She called me today after the settlement The house is in Dover DE, where Kris is stationed with the air force. I don’t like the fact that she is moving to Delaware, it is kind of far away. I moved to Frederick (from Glen Burnie), and that is far enough.

Amy and I watched Survivor tonight. Of all the so called reality shows, it is still the best. I don’t like the term reality show; I would call it a long running game show or something to that effect.

My uncle Bill must be studying his computer stuff. He’s been sending me multiple choice questions, for example:

You plan to implement Hardware RAID 5. You want to be able to have drives replaced while the array is still functioning. Which of the following features should you go for?
A) hot swap
B) disk cache
C) secure lock
D) server rack

Easy for me, so I reply with not only an answer, but why that answer is right and why the others are wrong. I remember those days; I didn’t have much help, just a home PC, some books, and the early internet.


SO_I_Say said...

Ohhh can I guess? Can I guess? Is it Hot Swap?
Yeah, Ima wannabe :)

Anonymous said...

how did you find out about my blog? it's kinda cool to know that there are people who read it

cryptojoe said...

I'm not exactly sure what blog I commented on. On blogspot, I often just click next blog, just to see what's out there.