Monday, February 02, 2009

Mr. Bento Lunch Box

Today was the first day that I used the Mr. Bento lunch box that Amy gave me for Christmas. I must say, I can’t believe that I haven’t been using it more often. While I didn’t use it as a way to keep the food warm and cold, it was great to have separate containers for my potato salad, baked beans, pulled pork, and the roll. When it was time for lunch, I heated the baked beans and pulled pork, used the supplied metal spork to transfer the pulled pork to the roll, ate the meal, then packed up all of the containers, with no mess.

I suppose I should explain a little more about the Mr. Bento lunch box. It is a stainless steel jar like container that is about one and a half quarts in size. Inside are four separate containers with lids that can store hot or cold items. It comes with a small nylon bag and a metal spork with a little cap to keep things neat.

If I had a single complaint, and this is a pretty minor complaint is that there is not enough extra room in the bag for a bottle of water or can of soda. It is also a little expensive, but the quality seems to be pretty good, and if you can find it on sale, it is probably worth the cost.

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