Friday, February 20, 2009

Proposed Maryland State Song Lyrics

2009 Maryland House Bill 1241 if passed would change the lyrics of the state song to those of a poem of the same name by John T. White, a native of Frederick County Maryland.

We dedicate our song to thee,
Maryland, my Maryland,
the home of light and liberty,
Maryland, my Maryland,
we love thy streams and wooded hills,
thy mountains with their gushing rills,
thy scenes our heart with rapture fills
Maryland, my Maryland.

In twain the Chesapeake divides
Maryland, my Maryland,
while ocean ward its water glides,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Yet we in thought and purpose one,
pursue the work so well begun,
and may our state be ne’er outdone,
Maryland, my Maryland.

Proud sons and daughters boast of thee,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Thine is a precious history,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Brave hearts have held thy honor dear,
have met the foeman far and near,
but victory has furnished cheer,
Maryland, my Maryland.

"Sail on, sail on, o ship of state!"
Maryland, my Maryland.
May we, thy children, make thee great,
Maryland, my Maryland.
May gratitude our hearts possess,
and boldly we thy claims express,
and bow in loving thankfulness,
Maryland, my Maryland.

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Anonymous said...

this song sucks. where's the fiery pride in the great state of Maryland? Where's the call to memory of our great heros Carroll and Howard? it sucks. plain and simple.