Sunday, February 01, 2009

24 Season One is Done

Thanks to Amy for staying up until nearly 3 in the morning two nights in a row so we could watch 8 episodes each night. It was pretty good, but having seen later episodes, you know some things. I won't really get into them here, but you know how it is, some characters you don't see in later seasons, you know that something is more likely to happen to them or that they turn out to be a bad guy. And of course, you know that Jack doesn't get killed. As the night wore on last night I was getting a little loony, saying, "I bet they are going to kill Jack now, there is now way he can get out of this!" LOL! Anyway, when we got a late start on watching last night, I only planned on 4 episodes, but at the end of the last episode on that DVD, it really left off at an intense moment. Now the dilemma, to move on to season two, or go with season four, a season that will really clear some things up for me, but then again, with the way season one ends, I would like to know what happens next. I wonder if I can find season two fairly cheap second hand.

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