Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pinewood Derby 2009

Today was the annual Pinewood Derby race for Cub Scout Pack 285 in Frederick Maryland. Things are a little different than they were when I was a kid. They had computer scoring and timing, and a pretty fancy track.

We'll start with Amy's car. The pink shoe with a black bow and black polka dots. Unfortunately, there was only one other leader car entered, and she came in second. She did beat out some of the boys in the heat races though!

Alex's car was definitely fast, winning three of his four races. Unfortunately one of the wins wasn't timed because the sensor was broken in that lane, and the one he lost he lost big time because his car had jumped the track. His average time kept him out of the top three so he didn't get a trophy. Since we really weren't trying for trophies in any of the other categories, like best design or most original, he only took home the participation ribbon and patch.

Alex's car leaving the track!

Alex's car in the lead!

Amy's car in a good race!

While I'm a little bummed that Alex's obviously fast car didn't win him anything, he seemed to take it OK. I'm going to try and get the raw data from the folks running the event and see just how well he did if the slowest score was thrown out!

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