Monday, August 02, 2004

Timesheets that suck

Where I work, we have one of the worst time entry system I have ever seen. For one, it is an oracle java application that you have to run through your browser. I was entering my time, and had some overtime on Sunday that I had to enter, well, normally you just hit tab when you enter the time, but on Sunday’s overtime box, if you hit tab, you end up on the next row and you can’t get out of it, and you can’t save your timesheet without entering something. It’s a real pain. On top of that, printing takes about 7 different steps, you can’t just click print! If that wasn’t bad enough, my time for the week ending July 18th wasn’t completely filled in before my supervisor approved it, causing me a lot of problems because I still had to enter Friday’s time and Saturday’s overtime. Had to call the helpdesk who had me call someone who was on vacation, called the helpdesk back, and they gave me another number to call. After all of that, my time is finally entered and I’m off to fax them so I can get paid.

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