Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Guppy Fry

No, we aren’t frying guppies for dinner, baby guppies are called fry. Now I know that there are at least two guppy fry in the aquarium as I’ve spotted them both at the same time. They are still very small, but you can tell that they’ve grown from their smallest size. They are still plenty small enough to get eaten, and I’m not sure they get enough food because they are hanging out closer to the bottom with the rocks and plants. I’ve added a live floating plant but they don’t seem to want to go up there. When I add food, the other fish tend to get it before it gets that low. I bought some sinking food, algae wafers and sinking pellets for the kuhli loaches, and I saw the guppy fry going after that, so, that might help.

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