Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Alex and the Airplane

After dinner tonight I took Alex out for some fun. Amy wanted to work on cleaning up a bit and it is not an easy thing to do with Alex in the house uncleaning what was just cleaned. Our first stop was the Frederick Municipal Airport. One of Alex’s most favorite things are airplanes and helicopters. Both of which we saw at the airport today. Two different helicopters and several airplanes were taking off and landing.

After that we went to the mall to walk around and play in the play area. I bought him three matchbox cars from KB Toys, let throw a few coins in the fountain, and let him ride one of those little fifty cent mall rides. He had a lot of fun. We stopped at the ATM, the grocery store, and then went home. He was pretty ready for bed, but not before opening his cars, playing with them for a few minutes, lining them up on his dresser, and saying, “night night cars”.

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Sarah Reed said...

Rob--thanks for visiting my wee little blog [] this morning. It was nice getting some positive feedback on my recipe idea. I see that we both had children--what a cutie! And, congrats on deciding to get married. Tis a wonderful adventure, that's for sure.

Best of luck in everything...