Sunday, August 15, 2004

Kids, Dog, & More TV

This is the weekend where there are two kids in the house. Andrew is here and Alex is here. They can be quite a handful. Yesterday we stayed inside because the kept telling us on the weather that it was going to start raining soon and start raining heavy a little bit after that. The storm was well east of us, and although it did rain, it didn’t rain very much or very hard, nor was there any wind to speak of. On Friday night, I walked Brad’s dog with Andrew, and the last to mornings, Alex came with me to walk the dog. Last night I went by myself because there was a little drizzle.

It is the first weekend with the new TV in the house. The kids got to watch some of their shows in the morning. We caught some Olympic events in the afternoon. Andrew really liked watching the swimming and diving. Swimming is Andrew’s favorite thing in the world. After the kids went to bed, Amy and I watched Starsky and Hutch, the movie. It was pretty funny. We borrowed it from her brother and he bought the full screen version, so we still haven’t had the chance to see a wide screen DVD on the wide screen TV.

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