Thursday, August 19, 2004

Getting Married

I don’t want to post anything today because it will move the cute picture of Alex down on the page. But then again, if I never post anything new, why have the blog in the first place?

I’m getting married tomorrow; I’m looking forward to taking Amy as my wife. She has been stressed lately due to all the last minute things with the wedding. I have just been making it worse with all of my waiting until the last minute to do things or tell her things.

Our wedding is nothing fancy, a trip to the court house with family and a few close friends. We are going to be a bit over dressed for a court house wedding, but that is ok with me. After the wedding, we are not going to have a typical reception; we are simply going to the Olive Garden for a meal. There will be 18 people attending the wedding and reception, including Amy and I, I hope they all order cheap, this is going onto my discover card. I have gotten a few offers to help me out with the restaurant bill.

After the wedding we will be going to Ocean City for the weekend. The one thing I really want to do is to take Amy out for all you can eat crabs. Since we’ve been together I’ve known she’s like good ole Maryland steamed blue crabs, but I have yet to take her to a crab house to get some. I know there are a lot of places to do that in OC, most of them have a wait, but it is worth it.

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Sarah Reed said...

If someone offers to take the bill--let them! Congrats with the wedding! My hubby & I were married at the courthouse in semi-fancy clothes. I was 6 months pregnant so I had a hard time finding a dress--but afterwords we spent some time with friends and family and then went to Toronto for a week. The little photo on my blog & profile are us eatting hot dogs from a vendor. Those pregnancy cravings were kicking in....