Monday, August 09, 2004

LAN Party and a TV

Saturday was the long anticipated LAN party at Richard’s house. It was a blast, all my practice in the F4 Phantom really paid off. I was doing a lot of flying on a map called operation flaming dart. Sgt Cueball and I had quite a few dog fights. It was crazy, if I found him behind me, I could not seem to shake him in a conventional turn, he could always turn inside me. I would have to break away and run, then come back. I also got a good score with dropping the napalm bombs. Speaking of napalm, napalm, the player and I had a good time in the attack helicopter. He would fly, since I suck at flying, I was the secondary gunner, we made a good team. Richard was my pilot a few times, but he crashed a little much! Sgt. Cueball and I had a personal ground war going on too at first, it seemed like he was killing me, and I was killing him. I’d really like to get Amy a computer that could run these games, she likes to play, but I have a hard time giving up my computer. The whole time I was practicing my Battlefield Vietnam skills, I didn’t include her. She ended up going out with a couple of her friends on Saturday instead.

Sunday I went looking at TV’s and some other things. I have wanted a big screen TV since we moved in to the new house, but never had the money for it. Amy has offered $700 toward a new TV and said I could spend $300 more. We found one at Costco that we like, it isn’t huge, only 47” but it is on sale for $899 this week. I think we are going to get it. But I wanted to look and see if there were better things to spend the money on, so we looked at some furniture and appliances also. I really want a nice dining room set, but I am not willing to go cheap on it. I figure when it is all said and done I will probably spend $2500 to $3500 on the dining room. A lot of the expense comes from wanting seating for eight and a china cabinet that matches. Hopefully I’ll be able to put my tax refund toward that next year. So, the TV is a better use of the money.

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