Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Crab Cakes

Amy made crab cakes last night for dinner on her new stove, actually, in the broiler. I was looking forward to having crab cakes for dinner but I wasn’t really thinking about that when I downed a big lunch provided during a meeting at work. I had a large helping of lasagna, four slices of buttered bread, and a pastry. When I got home, after picking up a pot roast for later in the week and the mayonnaise for the crab cakes, I wasn’t really hungry enough to eat very much. I made myself a plate anyway, and ate my salad. After eating about half the crab cake, I just couldn’t eat much more. It was a good crab cake, I just didn’t have the room for it.

I need to remember to take it easy on lunches this week. It is a week of big dinners on the menu. Amy is going to be using her new stove and oven a lot. I can tell she is happy with it, last night she was explaining all the new features. It sounds rather complicated if you ask me but then again, I’m not the one that does the majority of the cooking in the house. If Amy likes it, I’m happy too.

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