Sunday, August 29, 2004

Weekend Swim with Fishes

This was an Andrew weekend. As usual, I picked him up at seven o’clock from his mother’s house. On the way home we stopped at the store and bought lettuce and tomato for sandwiches on Saturday. We also bought some baked lays and a two liter bottle of the new mountain dew pitch black.

Saturday, we went to the community pool for the day. Amy made a picnic lunch that included peanut butter sandwiches and goldfish for the kids, for us she made deli sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. We also had baked lays of course, and we all had some of Amy’s home made fudge for a snack. As for the swimming, Andrew loved it. It turned out not to be the family togetherness event that I thought it would be as Andy is to old for the little pool, and Alex wasn’t ready for the big pool yet. Fortunately, Alex decided he wanted to come over to the big pool with Andrew and me. Of course, Amy came too. We got to the pool around twelve thirty, and didn’t leave until about five. That is a day of swimming that Andrew has never seen, at least with me. Alex and Andrew had a lot of fun swimming.

After the pool on Saturday, we realized that the air conditioner in the house wasn’t really cooling things down very much. When I checked it out, it was all iced up so I decided to turn it off for the night and turn on fans. Our room got cool but the kids were still hot, and Andrew kept coming out of his room and eventually ended up sleeping next to me. In the morning, I noticed a large pool of water had formed in the bottom of the air handler unit, what fun, I snapped some pictures and e-mailed them to my mom so she could ask my stepfather what I should do. In short, we think it might be low on the cooling gas, or the internal fan might not be pushing the air properly, causing it to freeze up. I borrowed their shop vac and sucked out all the water. The air is back on, but it still doesn’t seem quite right.

We picked up the movie, “Finding Nemo” today and when we got home from dropping Andrew off, Amy, Alex and I watched it. Alex sat still throughout the whole movie, I was surprised, but he really seemed to enjoy it, so, that was good. I thought the movie was good myself. Well, off to brush my teeth before I go to bed, Amy gave me this huge chunk of fudge to eat, and I don’t want it to rot my teeth out tonight.

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