Thursday, August 12, 2004

House and TV

Amy and I have been living in our house for one year now. In a way, it seems like longer, but in another way, it doesn’t seem so long. I moved in on August 11th, the day of settlement, slept on the floor, and Amy and Alex moved in the day after. During that week we moved a SUV load of stuff each day after I got off of work, and several on the weekend.

Last night I picked up the 47” TV that I have been looking at. Brad helped me pick it up from Costco, but it didn’t quite fit in his GMC Envoy, we had to take it out of the box. It is a good thing he had a knife, because that was pretty much required to get it out of the box. After I got it home, I ate some dinner, and then Amy and I went back out to Target to get a stand for the TV because it sits a little low. Not thinking that I was going to be getting a large stand for a large TV, we went in my car, and of course, the box for the stand was never going to fit in my car. I thought for a minute, and then called Richard, who offered to lend me his Rendezvous to pick it up with. While I was there, I conscripted Richard’s brother Dan to help me out.

Once everything was home, we went to work on getting the TV set up. Sounds easy, but first, our bedroom had to be re-configured because the 27” TV was moving from the family room to the bedroom. After re-arranging the furniture in the bedroom, I had to disconnect all of the other electronics connected to the small TV, and I carried the small TV stand and the 27” TV up to floors to the master bedroom. While I was doing that, Amy was working on building the new TV stand in the basement. By about 11:15, we decided that we were no where near done and left it at that and went to bed.

Thanks to Brad, Richard, & Dan for helping me get all of this stuff to my house. Of course, especially thanks to Amy for providing funding for the majority of the TV.

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