Sunday, October 17, 2004

Andrew made $108.81

In October of 2000, I set up a one year CD account with $1,000 for Andrew at 5.1% APY. Each year following, the APY went down; last year it was 1% and the renewal was going to be for 1% this year. I realized that it would make more sense just to use that money to buy savings bonds. I closed the account and put $8.81 into Andrew’s savings account and spent the remaining $1,100 several denominations of savings bonds. Andrew now has five $200 bonds, eight $100 bonds, & eight $50 bonds. I was in a bit of a hurry, I now wish I would have bought three $500, four $100, & four $50.

My CIV3 game is getting interesting. I’m trying to take over the world and have run into a snag. First, I accidentally nuked my main staging city for an invasion of the Spanish. I probably destroyed twenty-five modern armor units and ten mechnizied infantry units. Not to mention cutting my supply rail roads and spreading pollution all around. The Spanish also captured two of my four key air bases that I was using to bomb their cities. I had them defended fairly well, two modern armor units and one mechanized infantry unit each, but the Spanish used about six modern armor units each to take the bases. That cost me eighteen to twenty stealth bombers, a couple of stealth fighters, and a few standard jet fighters. I could call for peace right now, but I’m thinking that I will just escalate the fight to nuclear. I have twenty-five ICBMs ready to go, the Spanish have none that I know of, and only one tactical nuke. My plan is to take three cities right in the center of their cultural influence, effectively splitting their land into two halves, north and south. Most of their population is in the south, while most of their war making resources are in the north. I may call a peace after that and see what happens.

Yestarday was Amy’s twenty-third birthday. Check out her journal for the details.

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