Sunday, October 24, 2004

Happy Birthday Andrew

I can’t believe that my son is nine years old already. It is my weekend with him but this year it is his mother’s turn to have him for his birthday. It was supposed to work out that I would pick him up at 5:00PM on his birthday, yesterday. But his mother offered for me to pick him up Friday night like I normally would for my weekend and return him at 5:00PM on Saturday. That really worked out for me since I work fairly close to where he lives with his mother, it saved me a lot of driving.

Yesterday we had a pizza lunch with just Amy & Alex, then we had Amy’s home made from scratch chocolate cake with vanilla icing. It was even decorated. We put nine candles on the cake and of course, I had to blow them out for him. After cake, we cleaned up and opened presents. Anyone who knows Andy knows that he doesn’t really like opening presents. He received a Wiggles pillow from my mom, a book from Amy’s mom, some toy cars from my Aunt Joyce, and a check from my Aunt Gloria. I hadn’t picked up a present for him yet so after opening presents, we went to Toys’R’Us so he could pick something out, sort of. Amy had something in mind, called Toby the Tot Bot, when Andrew saw it, he couldn’t put it down, so, that is what we bought. From there we took Andrew home, allowing him to play with his new toy in the car on the way.


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Kerry said...

I just found your blog on Blog Explosion. I hope your son had a great birthday :)