Sunday, October 24, 2004

Computers Set Up

The computers are basically set up, with the basic operating system and programs installed, all moved to where they belong. I’m enjoying my dual monitor setup. And it seems that Amy is enjoying the power of a 3GHz system with a decent video card.

Besides using dual monitors for productive things like work, I wanted to see what it did for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I decided to try flying the helicopter again. One of the hard parts about the chopper is that the control panels take up most of the view, making it a little hard to fly and see where you are going.

Amy is playing her new game, SIMS 2. She has been wanting that since before it was release, but her old computer could never run it. I’m surprised she even ran the original SIMS with all the expansion packs, it took 20 minutes just to start the game, well, maybe 15.

In other news, the Ravens won today and its time to take out the trash.


jcklsgk said...

Go Ravens! Deion's still got it.

Anonymous said...

You geek! Those damn 20"'s look friggin beautiful man! I'm jealous!!!

Justin said...

Wow. Very nice setup you got there. I remember the big hype of Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 (my dad flew privately and loved the simulator) and I still play it every now&then. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, haven't thought of Fredrick, MD in forever so long. I used to live in Montgomery County (Olney) back in 1989. Just had to say hello. Nice blog. I have a blogger account but it isn't letting me sign in for some reason.