Monday, October 11, 2004

Let’s just say about 70,000

Where do they dig up these products? Mailsweeper strikes again. When I worked at the US Department of Labor we had Mailsweeper. It was the most problematic component of our e-mail system. After failure and more failure, they finally agreed to get rid of it. Problem solved. I get a new job, and what do they run for their mail gateway? Mailsweeper. Basically, it broke this weekend and we came in to 70,000 unprocessed e-mail messages that had to be parsed manually and moved to other servers to be processed. Fortunately, there was a test mailsweeper server that we could put some of the load on. Still, it had to be done manual and took all day. The product is broken all the time, and when it works, it simply doesn’t perform. Simply put; POS.

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