Monday, October 04, 2004

Civilization III

I am now addicted to a new computer game. It isn’t a new game, it has been out since 2001. It is a game that I never really thought about buying, mainly because I was getting more into the first person shooter type games. I kept a few real time strategy games like Age of Empires around, they were fun. No other strategy game I have ever played is as good as Civilization III though.

It all started shortly after I re-built Amy’s laptop with its new hard drive. She installed the game and was playing it. I found it interesting, and suggested that we play a multiplayer game this Saturday. We ended up playing all weekend! I don’t think Amy would have played that much if it wasn’t for me, we logged about 13 hours of game play on Saturday & Sunday. Friday night’s game was lost when my computer crashed.

Why is Civilization III so cool? I like the fact that there are many aspects to the game. You have to build economies, culture, military, and many other aspects of civilization to succeed. I also like the turn based style of play. The turns allowed me to play the network game with Amy against 3 computer players and still get laundry done.

I eventually realized that Amy didn’t want to play anymore, so I started a single player game. Even in single player, it is great. I think I might buy the other expansion pack, conquests; we already have Play the World.

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