Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Car in the shop

I’m wasting a ton of mony on brakes again. I really shouldn’t put them off until the are completely useless. They aren’t that hard to do, but when they die in the middle of the week, there isn’t much you can do. Fortunately, I can work from home and still get enough done to say I worked. Since the car was going in the shop and I was going to miss a day of work anyway, I decided to get the tune up and timing belt too. I’m probably going to end up spending $1000 on the car.

My monitors arrived today. They are sitting in their boxes down stairs. I guess I will wait until the computer arrives before seting things up. I don’t want to get side tracked tomorrow from work. That will be kind of hard, because my computer should arrive tomorrow anyway. I’ll have to hold out until four o’clock.

I was disappointed to see that Dell was offering a sale on notebook computers today. You could get a nice Inspiron 9100 for about $800. My mother picked one up w/ 3.2GHz 512 meg ram, 40 gb hard drive, 64mb ATI Mobility 9700, and a CDRW. It was regularly $1,549, she picked it up for $799. The deal was $750 off Inspirons over $1500. Not that I want a laptop, but Amy does. She actually needed a computer before me. The plan was to get her one this year, and me one next year. But I didn’t want to pass up the 40% off deal, and the best deal for 40% off was something with two 20” flat panels.

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