Thursday, October 28, 2004

Andrew’s Savings Bonds

Andrew’s savings bonds arrived yesterday. I thought they would take a few weeks. They took only about 10 days to arrive. It was a pretty big stack, 21 bonds. I have never seen a savings bond bigger than $100 before. I became interested in the presidents that are on the bonds. The $200 bond has James Madison, the $100 has Thomas Jefferson, and the $50 gets George Washington. I was curious so I did a google search and found out that Alexander Hamilton is on the $500. I should really get Alex a $500 savings bond now. Savings bonds also come in $75 – John Adams, $1000 – Benjamin Franklin, $5000 – Paul Revere, and $10,000 – James Wilson. Paul Revere? How did he end up in the mix? Ask 100 high school seniors and I bet one or less of them will have any clue who James Wilson is, a notable member of congress in the late 1770’s and 1780’s (yeah, I had to google that too).


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