Saturday, October 30, 2004

Moving Mailboxes

It’s been a busy work weekend. Started working at about eleven o’clock Friday night on configuring snapshot backups for a new storage group that the CFO’s mailbox was moved to recently. I just happened to notice that it wasn’t being backed up. Than took about two hours, prep work, configuration, and then about fifty steps to ensure that the CFO’s mail would work and be restored, and most importantly, that the blackberry worked too.

I was supposed to call into a meeting at seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday, but I woke up just a little too late. I got an e-mail with all the information I needed and I was able to start moving mailboxes. They are huge! Many mailboxes are over a gig, I have to move them over the WAN from California to Baltimore. I think the link is a T3, but it sure isn’t moving like a T3, probably other utilization. So the day has been spent watching a progress bar go across the terminal session screen, while on my other monitor, I started a new Civilization III game.

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Nominal Me said...

Getting paid to play Civ III doesn't sound bad.