Thursday, October 21, 2004

Baltimore City School Fires & Violence

One of the headlines I saw on the Baltimore Sun’s website was something like “School Fires Due to Lack of Security Guards”. I thought this was a stupid quote. School fires are due to students who set fires. Duh. While security guards can help prevent these things, I would say that eliminating the source of the problem is a better solution. Students who disrupt the educational process need to be disciplined appropriately. The blame here can’t be placed on the Baltimore City School’s budget problems. Of course, that is what the school administration and Mayor’s office will be quick to blame the budget, they will try to use it to get more money out of the State of Maryland. Why do students in Baltimore City deserve more state money than students in the counties? I guess it is because Baltimore City Schools can mismanage the money better than their county counterparts.

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