Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Three Days without a Caffeinated Drink

I’ve given up caffeine for a while. Just to break my little addiction. I normally drink a lot of Mountain Dew, not strictly for the caffeine, but because I just happen to like it. I also like Coke, but none of that for a while. I figure I’ll keep this up until Thanksgiving or so. I’m really feeling the drag, it should be over soon.


julia said...

I should also give up caffeine. I gave up buying pop to stock my apartment... but i still drink it outside of home. but this is a start!

i heart Mt. Dew... you know, just live in Canada. They're nto allowed to have caffeine in any pop except brown coloured ones. Yup. Mt. Dew is blissfully free!

great blog,
Julia @

R said...

Ohmagod! I lived in Frederick Md. before moving to Colorado. I miss it! Go eat some crab imperial at Dutches Daughter (is it still around) for me!! I love Frednecks!