Saturday, November 20, 2004

Andrew Makes another Mess and Dinner

I’m in the basement folding some towels and I hear Alex trip and Amy say, no wonder you tripped, there are books everywhere. I’m sure that mess was Andrew’s because I’ve figured out the difference between Andrew’s and Alex’s book messes. I wasn’t too happy about this, Andrew had just cleaned up the books, and I had pulled them all out and put them away neatly after that. So, Andrew had to put them away again, but this time, instead of letting him take his time and do it his way, I made him stay focused on the task and do nothing else but put away books until they were away. The good news is, he did a fairly good job and it didn’t take forever. I wonder if he got the message. There is some good news, Andrew finally ate a full meal. Alex had asked for pizza for dinner, so Amy heated up a Digiorno in the oven. Andrew ate his entire slice and then drank a glass of water. So, Andy and Alex are again playing, Alex just got a bath and Andrew will be getting a bath a little later.

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modern princess said...

I'm just glad I didn't have to clean it up.