Saturday, November 20, 2004

Andrew on Saturday Afternoon

Pretty uneventful, he played in the basement while I watched a movie. I was hoping to take the kids outside today and wear them out, but it is raining. He managed to dump out all the block again, and made a pretty big mess with the books. He put the books away, but did a very poor job so I told him to work on the blocks while I fixed the books. He was putting blocks away and just about the time I finished the bookcase, I hear the blocks dump out all over the place. After cleaning up, Andrew and Alex got a treat for a snack, root beer floats. Andrew loves them, Alex, doesn’t really like them so he shared some ice cream with Amy. Amy was watching the food network, basically preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Emeril came on and Andrew freaked out, we think he might be scared of Emeril.


Anonymous said...

Remember when we used to think he was scared of the Jeopardy tune? Emeril is pretty lively, though


cryptojoe said...

After a while we figured it out that he cried because it was going to be over, not because he was scared. Who would know that he liked Jepordy so much.