Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lazy Saturday

Actually, I did a little work, like laundry, but I didn’t fold, and moved the table and chairs back into the kitchen, and Amy helped me with that. The rest of the day was pretty much spent playing Civilization III (the Play the World expansion) with Amy. I could have played it all day long without stopping, but we stopped a few times. Last night I designed a map designed for two players to take on another six. The other six have more resources but have to work together to use them. The two have to work together too to make things work. So, Amy and I spent a good part of the day getting this game started.

I’ve been wanting to get the Conquests expansion pack for a while, so I did a quick Ebay search and found it, bid on it and won the game for five dollars. There was no shipping listed so I’m waiting to find out how much. It should cost about $1.80 to ship it regular US mail. Anything higher than $2.50 will earn the guy a neutral feedback and more than $5.00 will earn him a negative feedback. I don’t mess around, if the auction listed $5.00 shipping, that would be fine with me, but not listing the shipping is a little trick I’ve seen used to get what you want out of the auction. If you wanted $10.00 and it only goes for $5.00, well then just make the shipping $5.00. I might cut some slack depending on the method of shipment.


Dan said...

Civ3 is sooooo addictive. It's much harder than Civ2 I think. It's a great way to procrastinate, too.

The Romans are my favorite civ to play.

Toni said...

Your posts are tempting me to start playing....and start a Civ 3 blog! But I reckon that the only people who'll read it are my boyfriend, and maybe you :)