Tuesday, November 30, 2004

So I’m Addicted to Civilization III

I’ve been playing a lot of Civ 3 lately, and I’ve been thinking about some units that the game is missing. I’ve been reading some message boards about Civ 3 modding, but most of that is just cosmetic, not much that really deals with unit abilities other than modifying attack, defense, & range. So, here are my ideas:

A ship or submarine that can carry cruise missiles:

Non-nuclear over the horizon strike capability is an integral part of modern warfare. A cruiser type ship that could carry two or three cruise missiles would be a perfect addition to the game in the modern era.

An aircraft designed to drop several paratroopers:

Basically a plane that looks a lot like the bomber without the bombs but can house four or five paratroopers to be dropped behind enemy lines. I envision dropping some paratroopers on a hill or mountain to block access to a critical strategic resource. I know this can be done with helicopters, but only one at a time. Combine this with my aerial refueling tankers and it would be really cool.

A special aircraft carrier similar to the US Wasp-class:

Basically something that can transport four helicopters and four marines or paratroopers so they can be deployed behind enemy lines from the sea. Combine that with a transport full of marines and you have one hell of a fighting force at sea.

Aerial refueling tankers:

Imagine taking that stealth bomber from your capitol city on one side of the world, bombing your enemy’s capitol on the other, and returning in one turn. If you could place tankers on any map square that would extend the range of your bomber from the point where the tanker is located, that would be cool. As long as there is a tanker within range, the squares around that tanker, equal to the bombers range, would also be within the bombers range. That would be a bit more realistic than loading them onto an aircraft carrier. The tankers would have to be sitting ducks for anti-air units and other aircraft though.

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Toni said...

I just wish they would bring back the videos for the Wonders of the World and the advisers. Gotta love Elvis from Civ 2!