Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ninety – Eight Cents

I’ve made a whopping 98¢ from my Google ads. That could be because my blog doesn’t really contain words that generate ads that people will actually click on. That’s ok, I didn’t do it for the money, I did it because everyone else was.


sp3ccylad said...

Excellent. Give me your address and I'll start the begging letters.

Dan said...

I feel you on that one ... except I did do it for the money. I was hoping that over the course of several months enough people would click to get a nice little supplementary check from Google.

Jexebel said...

Add words that work. I added "You mom pimp turkey porn lizard" and hits exploded

Diva said...

I know that Google said the ads would be based on what you write, but it seems like they target the URL more than what you write in your blog.

For example, for every Google Ad I see through surfing BE (with the surf.php page), the same ads for longboard surfing and "what to do in Maui" show up on the page (this is what I saw on your page). Then when I clicked on your comments and selected, "open in new window", your Google ads changed to things about blogging services and free webhosting because of the blogger URL, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I'm still plugging news sites for the US presidential election, for reasons unknown. Google suggests it's out of their control if advertisers are stupid enough to buy ads for terms that make them stale by definition.

Hm... a test. This page used to have Google ads for blog services.






November 2.

Let's see if you get these ads too now. ;-)

biggaysam said...

Hell. I can't even get them to write me back. I signed up TWICE.