Monday, November 15, 2004

New Intersection MD355 & MD85

Ok, I would like to know who the moron is that designed the new intersection for MD355 & MD85 in Frederick. This intersection is the only way to get access to Interstate 70 east from MD355. MD355 is two lanes each way, and at the light, there is no left turn lane on southbound MD355 to turn on to MD85 (and thus I70). There is a left turn arrow, but if there is even one car that isn’t turning left, they still have to wait until the light turns green, leaving us left turning vehicles to wait behind them. Once that light is green, the left turning vehicles now have to deal with northbound traffic on MD355, while we wait for it to be clear, anyone who is in the left lane on southbound MD355 gets to wait behind us, even though the light is green. The intersection of New Design Road & Corporate Drive (side streets) is better than the 355/85 intersection.

I really like the new ramp to I70, I don’t feel like I’m putting my life at risk every time I merge on to I70 in the morning. There is much more room to accelerate, and there is no bridge piling blocking the shoulder if you can’t merge into traffic soon enough. It also looks like they are planning to put a bridge across I70 for Rt MD85, connecting it to south Frederick somehow.

MD SHA I70 Improvements


Can said...

OK.. Although this post specifically is pretty lame (oh who am I kidding? It's really _really_ lame..) I like your content.

I can see that you haven't modified the template much, but I like dark themes so it's alright I guess. The only problem with the template is that the style that you used for the sub-heading ("This online journal / blog is for me to capture a little slice of my life") and the comment links are too dark to read on black background.

cryptojoe said...

This post – it’s just my frustration with an intersection that was supposed to fix all the South Market Street traffic problems.

I Am The Walrus said...

I have always had a theory that the people who design highways and parking ramps graduated the last in their class. Someone had to be last and this is what we get from the bastards now.