Sunday, November 21, 2004

Andrew’s Drop Off

We were a little late getting Andrew home tonight. He is due at his mother’s house at 5:00 but we were about fifteen minutes late. Typically, when I am taking Andrew home, I remind him that he will be seeing his mommy, and his sisters by name, Ezri and Kia. Alex got excited and kept repeating, “see Ezri”. So, when we go there, Amy and Alex came up to the house with me and Alex got to see Ezri. I also worked out some details for the Thanksgiving holiday in which I have Andrew because I needed to have him home a little later than 5.


Miss Qt said...

Thanks for sharing your view on my blog.

It's cute to see that most of your blog talks about your son! !:)

cryptojoe said...

This weekend was an exception. I noticed that I don't say much about my son, Andrew, so, I dedicated an entire weekend of blogging to him. I'll be back to my normal blogging about things that don't really matter soon.