Monday, June 20, 2005

Andrew Week

Andrew’s Aunt is getting married on July 2nd. Right in the middle of what would be a rare holiday weekend visitation where I would get the weekend and the holiday. I was planning to go a family reunion that weekend and wouldn’t be able to give up just Saturday. Instead, I talked to Andrew’s mother and let her know that I would skip the July fourth holiday weekend in exchange for having Andrew all week this week. So far, he has been fairly good, even played outside a little today. He still would rather sit in front of the TV all day, but we try our bests to get him to do other things. Later this week, it looks like we will get to go swimming, Andrew’s favorite activity. Hopefully we will be able to go more than once this week, I know both Alex and Andrew will enjoy it. I hope to find something else that the kids can do together, I was thinking that they might like to take in a baseball game, or at a minimum, go to the arcade in the mall.


ZETAZEN said...

Take them to Six Flags America if you have the kids always like that...we have seasons passes. Another activity is the Baltimore National Aquarium, Port Discovery or even the Maryland Science Center. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Does the mall near you have escalators? Andrew loves them - thet's why I take him to Marley Station.