Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Water Heater

I had to buy a new water heater today. Based on the size of our current water heater, which seems a little small, and the recommendations of a plumbing book on the size of water heater that we will need for our family, we had to go with the eighty gallon model. The price for the water heater wasn’t so bad, only $450, but the installation fees, and other required components really racked up. Frederick County requires a building permit for such things, and since I’m on public water, they have to install an expansion tank.

The breakdown:

Water Heater: $450
Expansion Tank: $100
Installation for water heater: $230
Installation surcharge for >53gal: $50
Expansion tank installation: $40
Building Permit: $36

Total: $906

The good news is, I got a $35 mail in rebate.


Loveprincess00 said...

Well that was a worth while credit card purchase. LOL! (assuming you used a credit card)

Eighty Gallon- shouldn't run out of hot water

Marian said...

Do the local utility companies offer service agreements? I have a service agreement contract on my furnance, hotwater heater and central air at the tune of 185.00 a year.

I've used it and have gotten my money's worth out of it!