Friday, June 03, 2005

Orange Soda

I had to punish Alex for lying today. I walked down stairs and saw him putting down a glass of orange soda that had a little bit left in it from earlier this morning. He quickly said, “Nothing” before I even asked him anything. I asked him, “did you drink that orange soda?” and he said, “No”. I said, “I see that you have orange soda on your mouth, are you sure, did you drink the orange soda?” And he said, “No” again. So, I sent him to his room. I tried to explain that it was ok to tell me if he did something wrong, but he wouldn’t admit it. Lying or telling the truth is a hard thing for a three year old to understand, but he really doesn’t have an option. I was hoping he would learn a lesson today, but it doesn’t look like it.

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Anonymous said...

A little while ago, I recently took a psychology course on human development a famous researcher, Piaget claimed that children cannot think abstractly until they are older like 6 or 7. Now I don't totally agree with him. But it has been a widely accepted theory that small children do not lie on purpose-they simply do not have the brain processes. Alex could either be advanced for his age or he did not realize really what you were accusing him of doing or there are more theories out there on why children will lie. I don't know I thik that children can lie at about the age of 3. But they actually did a bunch of studies on it and definitely below the age of 3 children cannot lie. So congrats, your child has reached a milestone.