Monday, June 20, 2005

Madden 2005 – Franchise Game

I had a franchise started in Madden 2005 but it wouldn’t load my 15th game. I was a little annoyed at that. I decided later to start another franchise and I’ve been doing quite well. I’m 14-0 in my first season, that’s right; I’m up to the 15th game. I haven’t played it yet, I sure hope it loads; I’ve already clinched home field advantage in the playoffs. It looks like I’ll be winning the super bowl this year. I was trying to make Jamul Lewis set the season rushing record, but so many teams have been killing my running game it’s not funny. I have however, been able to really rack up the score using my passing game. No doubt it’s because they are often playing the run, and I make a big gain down field. There is some hope, my last game I had 205 yards, but I think I’m at 1800 yards or so with only two games left. More to come on Madden 2005, you can be sure of that.

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Anonymous said...

dude, use the Run'n'Gun playbook.

Run rub 25 cut (or something like that; i forget)

If the defense shifts left, audible into HB slam. On the keyboard, it's the "s" audible.

I've gotten 300 yards rushing with a 7.5 yards per carry average when the defense is playing run the whole game.