Monday, June 13, 2005

Hot Day - No Air Conditioning

At the end of the season last year, the air conditioner didn’t seem to be working correctly, although the heat worked just fine. Since it is the same system, I would expect that a problem with one would be a problem with the other. Anyway, I’m a little worried about having to shell out a lot of cash to get it fixed if we turn it on and it doesn’t work. So, what are we doing, well, we are running fans. It sure is a hot day, and being upstairs on the computer, well, that isn’t helping. A lot of time has been spent in the basement where it is a bit cooler. That’s not a bad place to be, it is the location of the big screen TV, DVD player, and the Xbox. If we can make it until Thursday, there is cooler, much cooler weather ahead for us. It is up to Amy of course, she is the one who will decide when and if the air conditioning will be turned on, I just hope it works when she decides, and if not, that I will have the extra money to get it fixed. For now, well, at least we are saving money on the electric bill.

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