Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Personal Finance – Under Funded Roth IRA

I should be putting away $333 per month in my Roth IRA. Of course, I’m not even close with my measly $100 per month. I’m 27 years old and I have only managed to save about $5000 for retirement. My financial advisor made a point to remind me that my wife and I can put away $8000/year between us. I need to get a job with a good 401k match. At one point, I was working for a company that matched 401k dollar for dollar up to six percent of your pay. I didn’t work for them long enough to take advantage of that match though. That’s too bad; it would have been a great way to save for retirement. Oh well, opportunity missed. I should probably work out a budget that will permit me to contribute more all around to savings.

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PA said...

I don't think you're doing to bad. I'm not a lot older and I don't have a lot more in the bank. (My advisor was suprised that someone under 30 even had an IRA!)

I would think the #1 priority wouldn't be a big nest egg for you, it should be debt free living and building equity in a house.