Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Disappointing Ending to the Game

Knights of the Old Republic II had a disappointing ending. Basically, after you defeat Darth Traya, you can ask her a bunch of questions about the future of your other characters, yourself, the republic, etc. When that is done, she “dies” and the Ebon Hawk comes to pick you up, I would assume it is piloted by Atton, but you never really know. The Ebon Hawk leaves the planet, and the planet blows up, or rather, cracks into a few large chunks, behind you and the Ebon Hawk flies off into space. And that is it. The ending for the original Knights of the old Republic was quite a bit better. Of course, I experienced the light side ending, but I read up a little, and the dark side ending isn’t any better.

There are a lot of plot points that just sort of stay hanging, the Remote droid and G0-T0 were supposed to fight it out over the final destruction of the planet, but, you never see that play out (maybe in the dark side ending?). Other things, it looked like the Ebon Hawk was destroyed, so, how does it come to your rescue. What happens to Mira, she fought with Hanharr and defeated him. Perhaps, there will be a Knights of the Old Republic III.

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