Saturday, June 25, 2005

New Ham Radio – Icom IC-V8000

I picked up a new two meter amateur radio the other day, the Icom IC-V8000. I read a lot of reviews, and it was the best radio out of the three other brands. It is also a little more expensive than the others, but not much. I was going to choose the Yaesu FT-2800M because it was the cheapest, but looking at them side by side, the Icom was so much smaller, I had to go with it. My car doesn’t have much room for radio mounting, so, size really does matter in this case. I also picked up a 5/8 wave magnetic mount antenna, I sure hope this can be the last magnetic mount Antenna I have to get, I’d much prefer an NMO mount, but just haven’t gotten the nerve to put a hole in my car.

Mounting Location

Close Up


Antenna Close Up

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Dustin said...

Very nice radio, I have looked at that one myself plenty of times!!