Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ham Radio Field Day

I was going to enter the field day contest but it seemed that I would not be able to participate today. So instead I bought a new radio and antenna for the car, expecting to pick up a contact or two while I was on the road. It turned out that I had plenty of time for the contest, so, I parked the car up on a mountain and had a blast. Although I didn’t officially enter the contest, I had a lot of fun making contacts across the two meter band FM mode. Below is my log of contacts.

K4NVA 3A-VA 146.58MHz (Sterling Va)
N3DUE 2A-MDC 146.58MHz
K4VOC 4A-VA 146.58MHz
KB3JQQ 1B-MDC 146.58MHz
W3A0 9A-VA 146.550MHz
W4IY 9A-VA 146.55MHz
W3CAO 146.58MHz (I was in transit)
N3JOZ 1DPA 146.55MHz
KB3JFG 147.57MHz
W3WOD 1C-MDC 147.495MHz (Catonsville Md)
KD4IEA 1D-VA 146.55MHz
AA3T 1B-EPA 146.55MHz
W3KGN 3F-EPA 146.55MHz

Earlier in the day I spoke with N3RO in the neighborhood next to mine on 146.52MHz, the first contact on my radio.

I called and called on 147.555MHz, but there was no answer. That was the first amateur frequency I used when I got my license. My Boy Scout troop used that frequency as a talk around and for organizing transportation. I’ve never heard anyone else on use it, one of these days, I’ll make a contact!

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