Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cleaned Up Computer Desk

I had a mess in and around my computer desk, with the printer, scanner, and TNC on the floor, a bunch of stuff piled on the desk (aka table). So, now there is a pile of stuff on the floor, and all the computer equipment is on the table.

I snapped a picture that I’m going to upload with blogger images, I will see if it is better than putting it on my personal web space and linking to it.

From Left to Right
Dell Dimension 8400
Dell UltraSharp 20” Monitor
Dell UltraSharp 20” Monitor
Microsoft Optical Mouse
Lexmark Z11 Printer
MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller (under printer)
HP ScanJet 4100C


Aurura said...

I like yer setup.
I actually took a picture of my lil' "office area" too, but haven't felt the courage to go ahead and post it on my blog...

Thanks for sharing the pics! ;8^)

Take Care.

The Complimenting Commenter said...

Wow, 2 monitors! I'm jealous. Nice clean up job and nice set up. Cool pic.