Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Pack Meeting Canceled

The Cub Scout pack meeting for Pack 285 was canceled in December because schools closed two hours early. Since the pack meets at Tuscarora Elementary School, it has to follow the school rules on closings, so, when school is closed or let out early, there are no after school activities. While we were disappointed, we just looked forward to January.

The January pack meeting was supposed to be today, and guess what, it is snowing and schools are closed, and you know what that means. Hopefully a way can be found to re-schedule the pack meeting. One idea that occurred to me is that one of the dens could give up a den meeting and use that space for a pack meeting, otherwise, they won’t have another pack meeting until the blue and gold banquet on February 24, when more than three months will have passed from their last pack meeting on November 18. The boys work pretty hard for their awards, and it would be nice to see them actually be awarded to them. That is just how Cub Scouts works.

That doesn’t even take into account the cake bake raffle as the scheduled activity for tonight’s pack meeting. I don’t know about the rest of the boys, but Alex, Amy, and even me, to a lesser extent put a lot of time and effort into getting his cake baked. Alex wanted the tallest cake, so it was started well in advance of the final weather forecast. We’ll have a lot of cake to eat I guess! Amy did come up with an awesome solution though, for the boys to submit pictures of their cakes for display on the web site. That doesn’t solve the “what do we two with a foot and a half high, four tear, eight layer cake”, but it will be nice for Alex to have something to show for it!

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