Sunday, January 04, 2009

Missed mass today

This year they changed the time for faith formation class (Sunday school) from nine o'clock in the morning to nine thirty. The idea is that faith formation ends closer to the start time of the eleven o'clock mass. I just can't seem to make the eleven o'clock mass fit into the Sunday schedule and I much prefer the nine o'clock mass, which I miss regularly now that faith formation starts at nine thirty.

Since faith formation is out for winter break, I've been making sure to take Alex to mass, but for some reason today, my timing was based on mass starting at nine thirty, not nine o'clock. So, we arrived a half hour late with only standing room. If it were just me, I would have stood, but Alex could never handle that, so we went home. You would think that I was in the nine o'clock routine, since faith formation has been off for a few weeks, and I've made it to the nine o'clock before, but for some reason, this morning, my timer was messed up.

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