Friday, January 02, 2009

Why you should back up your blog

So, you have your blog hosted on some Internet server somewhere for all to see. You've built up quite a following on your subject or your friends and family keep up with your goings on regularly. You have no reason to believe that one day it will just disappear and every reason to believe that the administrators running the site hosting your blog are at least somewhat competent and know a thing or two about computers.

Well, you are wrong. A popular blog and online journal host, JournalSpace has gone offline, apparently for good. How did this happen? Apparently, they didn't back up their database. The thought was that the database was mirrored on a RAID volume so it would never fail, even if a disk failed. Didn't they think for a minute that the database file(s) could be corrupted and the corruption would be written to the mirrored disk as well? I find it hard to believe that anyone managing a database server would ever make this sort of mistake, but I guess it can happen.

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