Monday, January 26, 2009

Averaging one post per day

I would like to post once a day as well, but I didn’t make it a resolution or anything like that. I figured that I wouldn’t post every day, but I’d try to average one a day over the month. So far I’m doing well as this will be my twenty-seventh post for January 2009. Just about every post has substance, but I won’t guarantee that they would be interesting to everybody, or even most people! There is always more that I’d like to blog about, but I don’t always get to it right away, and then it doesn’t get done!

For a while there, Amy was blogging every day. Her New Years resolution was to blog every day. But her post rate has slowed a bit, but still, twenty-one posts this month is more than any month for the last two years other than November 2007 when she was partaking in National Blog Posting Month. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog posts, even when I’m part of them.

Robin needs to blog more! In fact, I don’t even know where her blog is anymore, so, that would be a problem. She does update twitter every so often.

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