Thursday, January 01, 2009

President or King?

Reading the news lately, and the associated comments has been interesting. For starters, why is the Obama presidency more historic than others? They keep attaching the word "historic" to everything Obama related.

What I've been seeing is a country that is making the man in the office more important than the office itself. Millions of people are expected in DC to see the inauguration of Barack Obama, instead of the inauguration of the next President of the United States. Those who see the event as something more about the man than the office should use the word coronation instead. Those are attending but would not be if John McCain were the one being inaugurated should be ashamed of them selves, and the same goes for those who would have gone if it were McCain but will not because it is Obama.

What happens when Obama leaves office? Will people still look to him as their leader and not the President of the United States? There is a man named Vladimir Putin who enjoys that kind of popularity. In Russia, they are following a man, not the office, the sort of thing that our Founding Fathers wanted to prevent when the United States of America was born.

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