Monday, January 12, 2009

The Giants needed Plaxico Burress

I just can't believe that the Giants lost to the Eagles yesterday, but I think I know why. The guy that makes up half of the big play duo was missing. Eli Manning is a great quarterback, but like all great quarterbacks, he needed his big play receiver, Plaxico Burress. It isn't just his statistics that get lost, because just being on the field makes him a threat that defenses can't ignore, opening up the running game or having other receivers get open.

I've been trying to find out if he would have been physically able to play, and most evidence points to yes, but it isn't concrete. If he would have been able to play, the Giants should have let him play. I don't think that being a bonehead off the field should have much bearing his playing status. If he is found guilty, he'll have to deal with that, maybe spend some time in jail, and he alone would have the blame for not contributing to the Giants offense, but the Giants preventing him from playing have to take the blame for this loss.

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